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Faculty Publications


  1. Leto, DF; Jackson, TA, "Peroxomanganese complexes as an aid to understanding redox-active manganese enzymes", Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 19 (1):1-15.
  2. Nakakita, T; Miura, M; Toriyama, M; Motohashi, S; Barybin, MV, "Remote induction of stereoselective 1,2-addition of aryl Grignard reagents to beta-sulfinyl enones", Tetrahedron Letters, 2014, 55 (5):1090-1092.
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  9. Li, M; Ruddy, T; Fahey, D; Busch, DH; Subramaniam, B, "Terephthalic Acid Production via Greener Spray Process: Comparative Economic and Environmental Impact Assessments with Mid-Century Process", ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 2014, 2 (4): 823-835.

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